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Employment Opportunity

- Junior Land & Buildings/Plant & Machinery Valuer

Marsh are looking for a Junior Land & Buildings/Plant & Machinery Valuer to be trained on the land and buildings side as well as plant and machinery. Applicants are required to know the basics of valuations at least and will have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Performing valuations for Land and Buildings
  • Candidate will be also trained as a Plant and Machinery Valuer to support both divisions. (No prior knowledge of Plant and Machinery required.
  • Reports to the Senior Valuer/Valuations Practice Leader
  • Assist Land & Buildings and Plant & Machinery valuation team.
  • Responsible for all communications, including any deliverable reports and the presentation of the engagement results to the client, with the ability to support all determinations made in the final report.
  • Provide proper assistance to the Valuation Team members
  • Review and approve engagements prior to the issuance of final reports to the client, correcting technical or judgmental errors and omissions and ensuring compliance with applicable laws, regulations, standards, and policies that govern the Marsh’s services
  • Provide subject matter expertise, develop and execute engagements
  • Materially participate to achieve the financial objectives of the Valuation Team, maximising profitability through project management efficiency.
  • Responsible for the following internal MRC processes, including, but not limited to:
    • Time capturing.
    • Maintaining and identifying update and upgrade requirements on our internal systems.
    • Designing new reports and processes where necessary.
    • Process analysis and improvement recommendations.
  • Moderate to high travel requirement, mostly in South Africa, but also Africa and the rest of the world when required.
  • Other Ad-hoc duties within the scope of Marsh’s client’s needs.


  • A Diploma or Degree in Property Valuations or equivalent
  • A background in Land and Buildings Valuations.
  • Experience in Land and Building appraisal. (Commercial, Industrial)
  • Registered as a Candidate Valuer with the South African Council of valuers
  • Member of RICS, SAIV, ASA a plus
  • QS background an advantage.
  • Analysis and interpretation of the factors and market information effecting Land and buildings values.
  • Ability to handle additional hours and travel as needed to comply with client requests
  • Self-motivated and the ability to work independently.
  • Prior Insurance Valuations experience a plus
  • Requires computer literacy (MS Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point)
  • Knowledge of Plant and Machinery valuations a plus

To apply please email your CV to Andre Nagel, Vice President, Valuations Practice Leader, Marsh Africa.                                                





























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