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Valuation General's valuations not binding
(Afrikaans) Amid the resignation of Christopher Gavor from his post as Land Valuer General (WG) ruled that the Land Claims Court had ruled that the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform is not bound by the WG's valuations.

State of Claremont Report
With effective transport links, decentralized centres like Claremont, situated close to Cape Town are becoming a more attractive destination for people who want to live, work, play and invest in well-run, vibrant business nodes. They are easier to get to and to get around; and people and businesses are still able to access quality accommodation and diverse amenities, while avoiding the chronic congestion that chokes our cities.

Dubai mandates the use of IVS as it publishes the revamped Emirates Book
Next month the Dubai Government will launch the biggest update to its valuation rules since passing new legislation in 2015. The updated ‘Emirates Book’, which is mandatory for all valuers in Dubai, now fully incorporates the latest IVS and ensures best practice is being applied in one of the most international real estate markets anywhere in the world.

New appointments made to the IVSC Business Valuation Standards Board
The International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) is pleased to announce the appointment of three new members of the Business Valuation Standards Board, following an extensive and competitive process. The new board members are all leading experts in their field and will bring a wealth of insight from across the business valuation, academic and accounting worlds.

Payments under an Instalment Sale Agreement of immovable property
Typically, when purchasing immovable property (“the property”), the bank or other financial institution lends money to the purchaser on security of a mortgage bond to be registered over the property, for the purpose of financing the purchase price of the property.

UCT modernises property studies degrees for 2020
The University of Cape Town (UCT) is nearing the end of a three-year process which has involved rethinking and redesigning its property studies degrees.






























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