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Condolences on Passing of Members

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing away of two of our members.. Our sincere condolences go to their families, colleagues and everyone saddened by their passing.

Laetitia Robinson

Laetitia was appointed as a Candidate Valuer in 2007 and later promoted to Junior and then Senior Valuer.
At the time of her passing, she was employed by the Steve Tshwete Local Municipality. She was dedicated in her work and was a very good worker you could always depend on.

She was diagnosed with cancer about 2-3 years ago and was in remission for more than a year when the cancer aggressively flared up again.

It was a big shock to the department and all who knew her when she suddenly passed away on 25 February 2019.

Laetitia leaves behind her husband, 2 children and her parents.


Colin Wood

Colin was registered as a Professional Valuer in May 2002 with the South African Council for the Property Valuer’s Profession. Prior to this, Colin was registered as an Associate Valuer having first registered with then SACV in 1985. He was also received as a member to the South African Institute of Valuers in 2002 and in addition thereto, also served as a member of The South African Right of Way Association.

Colin had over 40 years of property related experience which included a 10-month period with CBRE Vietnam in 2008, where he was personally involved in all types of property valuations, feasibility studies, developments and building construction. He had, prior to his untimely demise, undertaken property valuations in South Africa on behalf of major financial and business institutions, as well as for local and provincial government authorities.  He had managed his own practice successfully for the past nineteen years.

His career commenced in the survey department of a mine which naturally progressed to the building and construction industry, and then on to the valuation field.  Over a span of 34 years he had personally undertaken in excess of 23 000 detailed valuations across all aspects of the industry. These include 107 Shopping and Retail Centres, 1 267 Office Buildings, approximately 2 228 industrial type properties, 48 Filling Stations, 79 township and cluster developments, 18 Hotel and Conference Venues, 3 Film Studios, 29 Medical Facilities, 4 Quarries, 18 Churches, 641 farms, numerous special type properties, as well as 18 000 residential, sectional title and agricultural properties countrywide.

It is therefore evident that Colin was rather meticulous in his record and data keeping. Many of his colleagues were the beneficiaries of this well - kept library and Colin being rather generous, distributed advice and gave assistance to whoever called upon him.

Prior to Colin starting his own practice in 1991, he also held the position of Head Office Valuer, Senior Valuer and Valuation Manager, for one of Africa’s leading financial institutions and was ultimately responsible for training and managing over 400 Valuers and Property Assessors countrywide.

He had lectured in Construction Site Practice for SAFCEC and was an external lecturer to Technikon SA (TSA, now UNISA) in Building Construction having been a Civil Engineering Technician from 1981 to 1984.  He also delivered various papers during his career and amongst the noteworthy ones were “Real Estate Investment Rates and Valuations in Vietnam” (2008) and “What to expect from a Valuer” (2011) at the SARWA Conference. In addition to obtaining a National Diploma in Property Valuation at TSA, he also completed his N5 Building diploma.

Colin was highly respected among his colleagues for inter alia, his unique disposition, his expert knowledge, integrity and honesty as well as his hands - on, no-fuss/no-nonsense approach. Colin was also a keen hunter and marksman.

He will surely be missed in the profession and we salute him for his contribution to the science of property valuation.

Researched and formulated by Raymond Fuchs, Professional Valuer, Colleague and friend.







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