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As we enter the second quarter of the year and the first quarter seems to now be a distant memory having flown past in a flurry of activity.

We are very excited to have embarked on our 110th year of the Institute’s existence and we will be profiling our members over the course of this year, focusing especially on members, who have and continue to contribute, to the Institute and those who show the passion the Institute needs to continue well into the future.

We would also like to focus on ethics and we are wanting to start preparing an ethics module that will need to be completed by members to ensure that our members comply to best practices and keep ethics at the forefront of everything that we do. The programme has become necessary as there have been disciplinaries undertaken at the SACPVP with the results being gazetted last year, which does not reflect our profession in a good light.

I urge you all to utilize the latest version of the International Valuation Standards in your valuation reports as it should be the basis of the report. Should you require a link then please access it through our web page.

The detail of our Mentorship Programme is being included in this edition so that you are all aware of the contents. We have had a massive response to this programme designed and launched by our KZN branch. Thank you to the branch executives of the KZN branch in putting this together ensuring that we are at the forefront of providing mentorship to students and candidates for them to qualify and establish a career for themselves in this important industry.

Thank you to our members that attended our Annual General Meetings that I attended around the country in the last month. It was great to meet you and I am, as always, so happy to see the enthusiasm, commentary and suggestions that come out of these interactions.

We are gearing up for our Natex and National Annual General Meeting as well as the National Seminar in May which will be hosted by the Southern Branch and will be, as always, a fantastic event.

Keep safe and well.

Tracey Myers
SAIV President




































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