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SAIV Mentorship Programme Launch Success!

There has been a growing concern regarding the decline in the number of entrants into the Valuation Profession. One of the areas identified which contributes to this decline, is due to the lack of mentors and mentorship for Valuation Graduates; a requirement to register with the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession (SACPVP).

It was for this reason that the SAIV KZN Branch Executives identified ways to assist aspiring property valuers who were experiencing the following challenges in their careers:

  1. The difficulty in finding mentors
  2. The difficulty in obtaining valuation experience.

After consultations with SACPVP, the Branch Executives were granted permission by SACPVP to act as mentors. This led to the launch of the SAIV KZN Mentorship Programme in 2019 where a number of students are in the process of being provided with accredited experience.

Outline of Programme
The programme entails making properties available for valuation purposes, the guidance through the valuation process and the provision of constructive feedback on the final presented valuation report; with a view of broadening the knowledge base of the mentees and providing them with experience in the valuation of a variety of properties.

There are regular workshops scheduled throughout the year. At these workshops, the mentees are briefed on the types (and purpose) of specific properties; where they will subsequently have to produce reports that will be assessed by the mentors who will sign them off once a required standard of proficiency has been met. To date, two workshops have been held; in January and February.

The experiential training is expected to run over a 24-month period with the current intake of mentees.

On 25 October 2018 at a KZN seminar held, 18 students were provided with letters confirming their mentorship which would enable them to register with SACPVP as Candidate Valuers. To date, that number has increased to over 30 mentees!

This programme will not only benefit the mentees who are taking part by improving their skills, knowledge and ability, but the valuation industry and its clients will benefit from the input of an enlarged, trained body of professionals. It will also result in the retention of graduates who will now have proven experience that will enable them to sit for the Board Exam and pursue a career in Valuation.

The KZN Branch is the leader with this initiative, with the other branches busy putting plans in place to commence with the programme. We urge you to take part in this initiative and share the skills you have acquired for the advancement of the profession.

The success of the Mentorship Programme will be determined by the commitment from SAIV as a whole, the Branches, Branch Executives and also the mentees.

Should you wish to be part of this programme, please email































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