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Never in a million years did I imagine that I would be working from home due to a lockdown, with more than half of the world under some sort of restriction on movement.  

The past few weeks have been challenging and scary. I recall the confusion on my children’s faces when I told them we can’t go ride our bicycles outside because of the lockdown and having to explain the coronavirus to a four- and five-year old while dousing them in sanitiser (just kidding). But whenever coronavirus comes up, the follow-up question is almost always: “Mommy, when will coronavirus end so that we can go back to school?”, and I simply just don’t have an answer.

Challenging and uncertain as these times are, and with a recession looming, we have to keep pushing on. There is no doubt it will affect us all.

A number of our events and seminars which were planned over the next few months had to be cancelled, but we are trying to continue with providing you with information and opportunities to obtain CETs. We recently shared some enlightening recordings which you can purchase for a small fee of R100, with one made available for free to members. These recordings are accessible from our online store available here. We are also investigating online platforms through which to host the National AGM.

In this issue of the SA Valuer, we profile a few exceptional mentees currently on the mentorship programme. It is to be noted that without the mentorship programme, some of these students would never have had the opportunity to pursue a career in property valuation. Due to the high demand for the programme, we opened applications for a second enrolment, and within three weeks we received over 70 application forms. We’ve been successful in reaching out to students in remote areas through video conferencing. We’ve had some very generous members who have made a donation towards the programme; thank you all for your contributions. If you wish to make a donation, big or small, please do contact me.

Our financial year drew to a close in February and we had to terminate several valuers’ memberships due to non-payment and being unable to reach them. Please contact me directly should you wish to be reinstated as a member.

As the world continues to battle with this pandemic, I wish you and your loved ones good health. Let’s all save the world by staying safely at home!

Keep well



































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