Featuring some of our SAIV Mentorship Programme Mentees

The SAIV Mentorship Programme is targeted at 3rd year students studying towards a Property Valuation or related course at an Institution accredited by SACPVP, as well as Candidate Valuers who may have completed their studies and require Mentorship together with experiential learning. We highlight some of the mentees who are currently taking part in the mentorship programme.



I am a 22-year-old Candidate Valuer from Bronkhorstspruit, east of Pretoria, although I currently reside in Kempton Park. I recently graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand and hold an honours-equivalent degree in Bachelor of Science in Property Studies. My love for real estate, particularly topics relating to sustainability, efficiency and finance drew me to the real estate programme offered at Wits. I am currently working for a joint venture (JV) between Opti Property Consultants and Black Dot Property Consultants as a Candidate Valuer. The JV operates from Glen Marais in Kempton Park.

What drives you?

The source of my motivation and drive is my urge to be the best, that is, do everything to the best of my abilities. I am a fan of sharing knowledge. A good day for me is one where I get to learn something totally new, or otherwise teach a colleague something that makes their work life a bit more efficient. It gives me peace that whatever information I share is the best and accurate. I also believe this quality is important given the nature of the work I do.

Why did you sign up for the mentorship programme?

I signed up for the SAIV mentorship programme with the intention to fast-track my learning and gathering of knowledge on valuation subjects. Valuation is a highly specialised field. As such, the programmes offered by tertiary institutions, although well-structured, are not sufficient to qualify one as a professional. Mentorship provides a stepping-stone towards my skills development that will empower me to be competent and proficient in conducting valuation assignments.

What has it meant for you?

More than anything, the mentorship programme has been my gateway to entering the field of valuation. The disconnect between the professional environment and learning institutions means that students are not exposed to working professionals and, as such, aren’t able to source mentorship. The mentorship programme fills that gap. It was because of the mentorship programme that I was able to register as a Candidate Valuer.

Secondly, the mentorship programme has provided me access to valuation professionals who hold a range of skills, expertise and experience, and are always willing to assist with whatever challenges I come across in the completion of my assignments.

In addition to the mentorship programme itself, it was through SAIV’s careers portal that I found employment. I would encourage anyone with an interest in valuations to take part in the mentorship programme, particularly students, recent graduates and young professionals.

Lastly, this is my thanks to the SAIV team for the amazing work they do in assisting young professionals like me.



My name is Zizipho Sobekwa, I am 25 years old and I am originally from Butterworth, Eastern Cape. I matriculated in 2013 and then relocated to Cape Town to start my career in Real Estate at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. After three years of studying at CPUT I obtained my National Diploma in Real Estate then worked for Public Works Extended Programme which was an internship in being an Estate Agent.

I continued furthering my studies at CPUT in 2019 and I got a Btech in Project Management. I am currently working as a Personal Financial Advisor at Old Mutual and I am fully accredited to assist people in reaching their financial goals.

I have always admired buildings as a whole, be it their design or the process in which they are constructed. Growing up I always wondered how people came up with property values and started researching. Before I had all the answers, I realised that property valuations is a central function that underpins all property transactions and ownership and it is still not fully understood for the competitive advantage it offers.

I then became inspired to study the qualification to close the gap by providing information to as many people as possible, in my best ability to help them understand what the worth of their properties is and what it implies in current markets.

What drives you?

I am highly motivated by professional growth, and working with people I share a common goal with. I also find developing industry knowledge and up-skilling hugely valuable.

Why did you sign up for the mentorship programme?

The shortage of mentors is the greatest problem confronting this industry. I signed up for this programme because I saw an opportunity to develop myself and gain all available knowledge to expand the industry by supporting other aspiring property valuers in future programmes/classes and generations.

What has it meant for you?

The guidance from experts and people who are actively involved in the industry means I have had an opportunity to learn skills and qualities that I can put into practice in my career. Benefiting from knowledgeable mentors and networking with qualified property valuers is a beneficial opportunity which would have been impossible to get had it not been for the SAIV.

This programme has allowed me to further improve my expertise and abilities to build my portfolio of professional experience.



I am 36 years old and hold a Master's degree in Land and Property Development Management (specialising in Property Valuation) from the University of the Free State, and a Bachelor's Degree in Town and Regional Planning (equivalent to Honour's degree) from the University of Pretoria.

When I initially obtained my Bachelor's degree, a career in the built environment was not common, especially amongst women. My life was mostly orientated around the township (where I resided) and a suburban town where I attended school.  Being exposed in both the township and suburban environment for most of my school life, I was always observant and intrigued about how spatially different both areas were.  When I came across an article about career choices and after discussing this with my school teacher and mentor, who identified my strength and passion for geographical spaces, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the built environment.

After five years of experience in town and regional planning, I decided to further my career by doing a Master's Degree. Throughout my career, I had crossed paths with very few Property Valuers as my clients, and even fewer women. I realised the gap and need for younger people and women to participate in the field. I also noted the overlapping nature and how complementary the two fields are, and the rare advantage of being qualified in both and 'marrying' the two professions. I currently work for Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality as a Senior Town and Regional Planner. I have been working for the Council for nine years.

What drives you?

I am driven by growth and excellence, both personally and professionally. Working in a multi-faceted environment both in the private and public sector has taught me patience with self, endurance with life, the virtue of hard-work and mostly to contribute positively.  Growing up in a society where career and educational opportunities where limited, especially among young women, it is incumbent on us to make use of every opportunity presented in the new dispensation. The support structures of my family, partner and close friends have always been my greatest cheerleader.

Why did you sign up for the mentorship programme?

Acquiring experiential training as a registered Candidate Valuer and a Property Valuation graduate has proven to be difficult over the years.  Furthermore, it is a challenge for professionals with prior working experience to convert to be Professional Valuers since many intern opportunities are more aligned to recent graduates. I signed up for the mentorship programme because it provided a structured opportunity to be adequately trained in preparation for the board exams, and thus to be registered as a Professional Valuer.

What has it meant for you?

Through the mentorship programme, I have been able to expand my professional network with my peers, and with other Property Valuers in different sectors. It has also broadened my understanding of the field through the attendance of SAIV annual seminars. My plan is to write my board exams and become a Professional Valuer, while immensely contributing to the valuation field with the multi-disciplinary professional background i already have.







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