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Greetings fellow Valuers, as you read this, the close of another year is upon us.  This year, not unlike the previous one, has also been fraught with some strange events at National Government level and similarly, it has been an interesting year at the SAIV. We have seen changes in our GS office and have encountered some challenges but many opportunities over the course of the year. My attendance at the RICS Africa Summit and the Transformation Indaba which was hosted by the Department of Public Works through the Council for the Built Environment has led to us acting as mentorship agents in association with other industry associations.

You will all remember the resignation of our General Secretary, Ms. Melanie Vallun.  I wish to re-iterate my sentiment as communicated to you via e-mail in September of this year, in that life carries on as normal at the GS office until we appoint a replacement for this position.  The GS responsibilities will be shared amongst Anne-Marie Delport and Penny van Dalen for the short term and this shall be closely overseen by both myself and Tracey Myers, the Vice President of the SAIV.  We expect to have the matter of a new appointment wrapped up for discussion at our mini-Natex meeting over the 10th and 11th of November and a new person in employment by March 2018.

This year in the SAIV has had its challenges, but at the same time I have truly enjoyed the opportunities presented by being in the “hot seat”.   To this end, I am referring to my invite and subsequent attendance at the RICS Africa Summit held in February this year and more recently, the Transformation Indaba which was hosted by the Department of Public Works through the Council for the Built Environment.  This was a most interesting indaba which was well attended by all the Built Environment Professional Councils and two Voluntary Associations of which we were one.  Most interestingly, all of the Professional Councils are experiencing difficulty in achieving the transformation levels as indicated in our demographic mix in South Africa.  All parties there present, have willingly thrown their commitment 100% toward effecting the transformation needed within the Property Industry in the form of working together in the area of Mentoring of young professionals.  To this end, the SAIV together with the Black Professional Valuers Association (BPVA) and the Professional Valuers Association (PVA) have entered into an agreement with the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession (SACVPVP) to act as their Mentorship Agents in the market place.  I have every confidence that this is the first step in the right direction and that many more will come.

Colleagues and friends, as the year draws to an end, I thank you for your commitment to the SAIV and wish you well for the holiday period.  If you indeed plan any travelling, please do so safely and enjoy the break.  I have every belief that the new year is going to be an exciting one filled with wonderful opportunities for us in the Valuation Profession.

Patrick O’Connell





































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